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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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liz: president trump threatening to withdraw all aid payments to palestinians. he said we pay millions and get no respect. john: you are watching "making money." the first day of trading in 2018. the dow and the s & p and nasdaq and russell 2000 breaking records. we'll be covering all these stories late i shall in the show. president trump and his republican colleagues returning to washington ready to tackle their 2018 agenda.
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senator orrin hatch, and the chairman of the transportation committee announcing they will retire at the end of their terms. many fear the gop can lose congressional control. reporter: the agenda is going to have to deal with having to fund the u.s. government. a lot of attention will be paid to a meeting tomorrow that will take place with leaders on capitol hill and leaders of the administration. you have mick mulvaney from the office of management and budget who will meet with mitch mcconnell from the senate, chuck schumer from the senate, nancy pelosi and paul ryan from the house. one of the things they will talk about is how to funds the government going forward before the deadline runts stout january 19. but also raising some spend caps
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the on the domestic side. sarah sanders. the press secretary here at the white house summed it up like this. >> a lot of meetings the president has this week with leadership will help determine the best strategy on each those individual areas. those are welfare reform, infrastructure, responsible healthcare reform will be top priorities. reporter: orrin hatch intends to retire at the ends of his term. here what else sarah sanders said about that. sarah sanders saying the president has great and deep respect for orrin hatch. the president tweeted, congratulations to the senator orrin hatch on an absolutely
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incredible career. he has been a tremendous supporters and i will never forget the beyond kind the statements he made about me as president. he is my friends and he will be greatly missed in the united states senate. john: tammy bruce, deana borelli, and jonas, and gary b. smith. tammy, you lost two incredittible stalwarts in the republican party. you had a shoeser in that congressional seat since 1972. he passed the last meansful transportation bill that meant something. losing these two republicans who gets things done, will this hurt the republican agenda going forward? tammy: i don't think so.
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the people of utah loved putting orrin hatch in there. it's not just about volume, it's about the nature of what's happening in the country and what needs to occur. we'll get new people in there. it won't affect this year because we have the replied terms. but the president's agenda is affected by a larger brush with congress. either he's going to have support after the mid the terms or he's not. i don't know if an individual so much -- i do expect the president to increase in the mid-terms. i expect the republicans to hold on to the senate. congressionally i don't think we can expect, even though it's traditional to give it to the alternative party, i don't think that will happen this year.
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the president last year, terrific accomplishments and this year we'll get the benefits of those accomplishments and the people will want even more. reporter: gary b., it goes to the agenda of the president. he disbands his council for transportation in august. this isn't like eisenhower who opened up the interstate system or u.s. grant who opened up the railroads to the west coast. this is repairing infrastructure that's already been built in the united states but is delap dated. will this have the aim impact the republicans and the president are touting it will? >> i hope not. we have been through this infrastructure before. i didn't like it when obama raised the $1 trillion stimulus
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package or infrastructure. i don't like it when any president puts this money into infrastructure. i think he should leave it up to the states, the local government and private enterprise. the one thing i hope he doesn't do is structure. we have seen how badly it went under the democrats. i don't think it will go any better understood obama. i agree with tammy that we'll reap the benefits of tax reform. and all the regulations he's cut and will continue to cut, i don't think he will touch entitlements, maybe they come to a draw on immigration. but that's pretty much it, i can see. and that would be fine with me. spending next few years not touching a whole lot.
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john: they had trouble getting some things done on the taxes. will they be able to get truck around done? and to gary b.'s point, what is different this time? >> i think it's better off having the states deal with it. keep it as a local-level issue. the special interest groups will have their influence if there is federal government funding involved. other initiative to keep in mind are the democrats. they have their own agenda. they are look at the mid-term 2018 elections. they are continuing to throw that red meat at their base to get the votes, impeach trump. that's their message. they do not have a message. and they didn't support tax kit.
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how are they going to explain that to their base? we have democrats getting thousand dollar bonuses from these companies. jonas, one thing you talked about is how are you going to pay for this? this tax bill is going to have somewhere around a trillion dollars. and on the transportation bill, it's not paid for. what happens to budgets and what happened to the republican party that's suppose to be so fiscally conservative. >> it's not going to get paid for. there is no state paying for infrastructure. we have the tax law that takes away the benefit for property tax deductions for states. they won't be able to borrow money like they did coming out of the last recession.
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it will have to have a revenue model. trump talks about public-private partnerships. it would be too much stimulus on top of a hot economy. we are not in a recession anymore. so you wanted a little bit of a tax to pay for it. otherwise we might have inflation. they are not going to pass a paid for infrastructure plan. john: tammy, you had seven government shutdowns since 1976. they have all been over ideological differences between the democrats and republicans. right now it's republicans control both sides of the congress and the administration. how is this not political suicide for the republican
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party? >> keep in mind, the congress that has been generally anti-trump, they know if there is a shutdown it will affect only congress's approval ratings that i guessing go into the negative and they are worried only about themselves and the mid-terms. there will not be a government shutdown. the president has the advantage on this and will make it work. they know it's very difficult. they know congress is at stake and they will be blamed. when it comes to their own interests, i think you know what they will do. yes. >> president trump slamming the department of justice as the deep state and calling on them to act against huma abedin and james comey. it's easy to think that all
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across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. john: president trump accusing the justice department today of being part of the deep state in protecting hillary clinton's long-time aide huma abedin after emails were released marked classified found on her husband's lab top. sarah huckabee sanders was pressed on the issue at today's briefing. >> the facts of that case are very disturbing. the president wants to make sure he doesn't feel anyone should be above the law in terms of an investigation. that's something the department of justice would need to decide.
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john: the president also calling for action against former fbi director james comey. katie, there have been seven special investigations since the -- 21 special investigations, only two have produced an indictment for the principle person being investigated despite hundreds of millions of dollars wasted. i read the article in "the daily caller," i understand. do you think americans are tired of special investigations? >> it doesn't especially matter whether the american people are tired of it. it matters whether there is evidence of wrongdoing to pursue justice when someone acted inappropriately. huma abedin put these emails on
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a yahoo account that was hacked. left or right in government you are not to use a private email account. how many other people we know about in government have been forwarding things and printing things, using an email with private information when they shouldn't be? john: does a special investigation stop that? katie: i don't know that you can. it's simply laziness. but people need to look into that, how you stop people from take that easy route that can put people in danger. john: michael you were critical of the republican party and the direction they are going. do you feel the same way about them now as you did season in. >> i'm frustrated to be certain. we have the largest governing
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majority since 1979. and what have we done? we said we would repeal and replace obamacare. we failed to keep that promise. yes we did get a comprehensive tax reform bill through and i'm grateful. and the president used his are tory power. but we have the opportunity to put a stamp another american philosophical system, how we govern as a country. as a republican and conservative have we held up to that standard? the answer is no. john: is this deep state the president talks about real? >> i think it's real, given my name white house for years where you have bureaucrats in the government unaccountable to
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anyone. they get caught, what happens? nothing. do they lose their job? no. do they lose their pension? no. you look at lois lerner. if you have an ideological bent you can take it out in one form or another and do so without any repercussions. john: government is corrupt. that's not news. but the depth of it is what we would like to find out. many inner city schools are failing across the country. we talked with one man who wants to help and is helping by inspiring and empowering youth. we'll be right back. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant.
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john: many people dream of making the world a better place. few are actually achieving it. he quit his job as an investment banker to form a non-profit. 5,500 kids in new york, los angeles, and san francisco that are part of his play rugby u.s.a. in some school there was a 50% dropout rate. he has these kids at 100% graduation rate and 100% going to college. mark, happy new year. what are you doing different? because you have inner city schools. 60% graduation rate. some are 50%. they are failing. you have some great schools. i visited one of your schools
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last time fay was in harlem. but for the most of part education is failing inner city kids. you have completely changed that. what are you doing different? >> i think ultimately it's about giving kids the skills they need to be successful in life. the scary part of statistics is 70% are graduating high school, but only 50% of them are not college ready tore life ready. you need to develop opportunities for children outside of the classroom. so the program play rugby u.s.a. is a vehicle for this, focusing on developing those life skills. john: you use rugby. you were a former rugby player.
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what is sports youth development? >> if you have think about recreational sports. but they develop the athlete, a slft pay-to-play models for young people to participate in sports. it's providing sports as a vehicle to develop thrive skills and make it accessible and inclusive. not a pay to play model. john: you were an investment banker for rbs. you had just gongt a raise and you quit to go full time with play rugby u.s.a. was that scary? what a leap of faith that you took. >> i was lucky at the time that i had some resources to support me. i was able to.
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stoift was worth the risk and ultimately i'm not shire would have fast forwarded 11 years to be together same thing. but i'm glad i have done it. john: huh arit.john -- john: how are you funds? >> in short we get 20% foundation support. government support and the new york city department of education is 50%. other is corporate donations. john: the difference you have made in these inner cities is huge. would you explain what you would like this to look like next 5-10 years. >> we have 10, 12 grades in the
6:26 pm
metrics. i set up an organization to consolidate the needs of the entire sector. and basically deliver solutions and opportunities for organizations like play rugby u.s.a. to fund essentially the public in private solution. it ultimately would be a public-private partnership to provide capital to organizations like play rugby u.s.a. and returns to investors. john: you influence people you don't 10 know. you started you have a program in bermuda. we have had wonderful success and a lot of kids have been
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>> now the iranian dictatorship is trying to do what ita ways because, saying that the protests are designed by iran's
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enemies, we know that is nonsense, they are spontaneous, in virtually every city in iran, the picture of a long opressed people, rising up. john: united nations ambassador nikki haley standing by antigovernment protest in iran, after trump praised protesters saying they were finally acting against the beirutal regime of iran. khamenei accusing government's enemies of stirring the demonstrations. with me now to talk about it my panel. michael, with you, people are trying to figure out what to compare this to. whether arab spring. whether venezuela or syria, you
6:32 pm
had robert ford, the ambassador to damascus warned, this creates a vac europe, tha vacuum that wy something like isis. do you see the same thing, they are protesting against regime change. from rural neighborhoods up. do you see a vacuum there that someone has to fill in a leadership role. >> i think that the iranians can fill that vacuum, different about ir iran is that muslim brotherhood can't into iran. isis cannot go in, al qaeda cannot go in, there is a genuine grassroot movement. we need to make sure that world knows what is happening in iran so the protests gain momentum and change occurs. john: christian. iran is part of everything in
6:33 pm
middle east going crazy, they are funding houthi rebellion and yemen, and hezbollah in lebanon, they are part of shia movement in southern iraq. is this the biggest problem not only america has with iran but also iranian people. >> it is, iran is behind almost everything bad that goes in middle east. there are many bad actors but many are supported by tehran. they are opposed to iran's adventurism, abroad. and thigh help prevent a resolution of israeli-palestinian dispute. whether that issue or iraq or going on in syria, other bad things in region, iran is behind it, if this regime can be disreturned or replaced it would
6:34 pm
be good for iranian people and america. john: sarah, why are not iranian able to suppress this is brute military forces. >> the iranian regime recognizes that western nations are watching the protestor closely to see if there will be human right violations. that is what president trump has been tweeting bthere are some argumenting on be made, shining a spotlight on pro test the way that trump administration has done is a way to shield those protesters from a potential violent backlash from the regi regime. in a way some iranian insider might view as artificially promoting them from the outside, there are a lot of people watching who say that president trump shining the spotlight on the pro tests are helping to
6:35 pm
protest the protesters from facing a violence end at hands of the iranian army, that is something that certainly trump administration has calculated into their decision to do this. john: i know that argument. but also president reagan supported soviet distance through media, twitter not around back then. president trump speaking of tweeting, today on palestinian aid, not only pakistan that we pay billions of dollars to for nothing but many other countries and others, as an example we paypal pa palestinians hundredsf million a year and get nothing no respect. we have taken jerusalem off the table. but israel for that would have had to pray more. palestinians no longer willing to talk peace, why should we make these massive future payments to them?
6:36 pm
michael, you tweeted out today, about the pakistanian support about the haqqani network, they are the afghan taliban military force that allegedly takes safe refuge across border in pakistan, we're threatening to withdraw aid from pakistan as well, is this something military is supporting by no action or actively supporting the haqqani network? >> it is not pal pakistan's military but intelligence servais that looks at haqqani network, afghan taliban -- and pakistani taliban, they can use pakistani taliban in india, to conduct attacks and provide lethal aid to afghan taliban to disrupt and build up a threat to iran considers a threat. problem is we've been in afghanistan for 17 years, one
6:37 pm
year each, one time 17 times. and every year, the taliban and the other groups like isis, al qaeda, and -- haqqani group seek refuge in tribal areas of pakistan. when pruncpresident trump askeds generals why are we not winning in afghanistan, that is the issue. john: frustrating for american military, thank you to all. stocks kicking off 2018 in the green, when we come back, we look at what you need to know for your portfolio this year. stay with us. hundred dollars whn we switched our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? yeah, they saved us a ton, which gave us a little wiggle room in our budget. wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitter instead of your brother.
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>> filling in after network filed matt lauer in november.
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john: nasdaq, s&p 500, russell 2000, and dow transport kicking off new year posting record closes, will stocks be able to keep momentum going in 2018, back with me. gare smith, and gen jonus, garyo bull mark the lasts forever. what derails this economy in 2018 if anything? >> well, i guess john, it is going to be something we're not anticipating. i am one who gets scared every day when i wake up looking at market, north korea one day or it is federate decision the next day or unemployment or it is you know, a facebook missing earnings. i don't see it out there i think, i'm trying to figure out what the market feels like.
6:42 pm
and it feels more like mid -- early to mid 90s with the great run, 20, 30% for like 3 or 4 years until it crashed. early 2000, but that is what it feel like with tax reform, we have with the trump cutting regulations, with gdp over 3%. i have to admit i'm bullish right now. john: jonus are you as bullish? do you believe thanks tax cuts are bakes into the economy already? >> i'm getting worried. this is a good economy, that is my biggest fear, it is a little too much of a good thing, maybe 1998 levels in market, but bottom line another year or two like we had it was become a dangerous stock market bubble, we're not far, we're at 2,000 6 levels, i am concerned about too
6:43 pm
much positivity. you don't want to invest when people are too enthusiastic about investing. there is an underlying bubbley thing going wit crypto currencye subprime mortgage crisis, we're like half way there. inflation money, this is -- in the fake money, if it goes poof overnight it is like burning half of the currency in the world. john: jonus, subprime mortgages, derivatives o derivatives, bitcn seems to be detached from that. there some val threw. do you think it is detached from the market. >> an excellent point, it does not have everyone's teeth in it
6:44 pm
yet like with some prime mortgages. i see articles about new banks, new hedge funds wanting to get there. that is my point, if it keeps going that every hedge fund and banker wants to be in, that is where it is dangerous, right now it say glorified peanut the blue beanie baby which was worth a lot of money. they are not asking about hot s&s&p 500. that seems boring. john: all right, gary, is bitcoin the newest pupil tulip mania. >> well, you know, i guess i'm mixed on that one is because i don't have a position, my duaghter does in bitcoin. the supply is limited, the bad
6:45 pm
news as jonas points out is that there seems to be no mota, round it -- around it no pair question tbarrier. you have all moving around, i think there will be a market for crypt to currency just like for internet browsers it turns out it was not netscape, if you remember that. it was something else, internet explorer or google, is bitcoin a bubble? maybe, is crypto currency's bubble? i think there are legs there. john: thank you. >> we're talking college football versus the nfl, why one is exciting drawing ratings and crowd without controversy, that is next. [ phone rings ] hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit?
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john: college football play-offs are scoring big with television viewers, last flight two exciting games with huge ratings, this nfl season viewership tumbled 9% from a year ago, down by more than 150 million viewers, joining us to talk college football versus pro football. patrick rich. and jackee former new york jet linebacker. and a current in studio analyst, what is college football getting right, the two games were phenomenal, no controversy you just talked about passion and great football on the field. >> i were able to get a catch done right. and there not that money
6:50 pm
involved there is no -- there is probably some fantasy. but not as much as nfl, i think that pageantry of college connects with more people, story line are better, they are amateurs. just that do comrade that people connection with in college, they don't catch in the pros that is difference. john: you played in nfl, nfl has seen a drop in ratings, a lot of factors have been blamed for this, concussions, lack of competition, national anthem protest, what is your take on nfl this year? >> i think a little bit of that, and a couple other things, i think that viewership, i think people's patterns of watching tv are different, i don't think they want to sit and watch 4 hours of football, sunday, have you gone through saturday, you have a rot t lot to do, you see different viewing patterns, it more expensive to go to a
6:51 pm
football game now, and i think that people's feelings were slightly damaged with kneeling and controversy. but i do think that you will see people come back to the nfl, in the last 10 largest viewed shows last year, all nfl games. john: patrick, when talk about the nfl and lack of viewership, a lot has to do with things like red zone, in the counted as far as viewers, social media, hurt sports center, they right for peak of the bubble in sports tame. in sports, going toward people talk about sports writes, coming down, you have amazon and facebook stepping into the mix with apple do you see them step in addition to become major players nfl and college football? >> it is possible, they have stepped up last couple of years on "thursday night football" with that as a experiment. we'll see. i have to echo what chad said, i
6:52 pm
think that reason why you have seen ratings fall in nfl is because of changing viewing habits of consumers, a couple statistics to share. now that season, regular season is over. you know nbc,18 million viewer sunday night on "monday night football," about 11 million. that is lowest they have seen in 10 years, but that being said, you still 30% higher than best television show out there of "big bang theory" 40% higher than ncis. so point is, all ratings are down not just sports, you see this throughout all of television, largely because of how people are consuming, and sling tv mentioned that they are downloads up 27 percent this year, most on sundays. john: quick, 10 seconds, on spot. i am a cowboy fan. who wins super bowl. >> i am sorry, i'm going it new england, belichick of my coach.
6:53 pm
>> patrick. >> i am saying the vikings will be first team to win at home, at super bowl. >> what a boost for minnesota. >> thank you both very much. >> and now leaders on korean peninsula looking to engage in peace negotiation, u.s. says not so fast, we will discuss that next.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>> we won't take talk seriously if they don't do something to ban all weapons in north korea, we don't think we need a band-aid, we don't need to smile and take a picture, they need to stop nuclear weapons and now, north korea can talk with anyone they want, but u.s. is not going to recognize it or acknowledge it until they agree to ban the nuknuclear weapons they have. john: u.s. ambassador, to united
6:57 pm
nations, nikki haley, addressing possible peace talks between south korea and north korea, som.back with me to discuss how peace talks could affect president trump's strategy. christian and michael, christian, it seems to became kim -- kim jong-un a unpredictable leader, some see he could be crazy. this seems to be one of the smartest things he has done, talking with president from south korea. >> right this is a pattern that usually repeats itself with north korea. they go through a prolonged cycle of aggression, then appear to be contrite, in the past they have been awarded handsomely. they did so with the bush administration and more massive scale with -- clinton
6:58 pm
administration too. seoul you have a government seemingly willing to negotiate. >> michael, is the whole thing that solves it, china? >> china, russia, and u.s. resolve. what is interesting about what christian said, i would like to add, kim jong-un's stepped up his nuclear testing and launches during last year of the obama administration, in hopes of getting a iran-like nuclear deal. laden with i incentive, he did t get, that he ins not likely to get it with trump. the overtures for south korea are good, they are good for international community now especially withs olympics coming
6:59 pm
up. he has hope maybe he can say this is between n me and this md man in u.s., which makes no sense when a mad man is saying that. john: is that pressure coming because sanctions are working. >> i think sanctions, and unifee thaunifeety, that even with -- unity, that nok has not been able to put a wedge between us and south korea and japan. you have that unity of purpose, that makes a dif rings. difference. kim jong-un it is clear he is not dealing with a pat see. john: how does it end. >> with successful olympics, and kim jong-un holding on to his nuclear program, and us working this next 2 to 4 years.
7:00 pm
john: charles payne thank you for letting me keep your seat warm, thank you for watching, lou dobbs is next right here on fox business. >> i am david asman in for lou dobbs, president trump is putting iran on notice, warning that america is watching how antigovernment protest unfolded there iran supreme leaders accusing the enemies of inciting a week of protests leaving more than 20 dead. >> and rising tension between the u.s. and pakistan. trump administration tonight, threatening to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in military aide to the country for supporting te terrorism. and newly released e-mail showing hill he


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